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Rock your Retirement began in the mind of Kathe Kline in approximately the year 2000. She had been a financial adviser to the middle class since 1990 and noticed that some people who had very little money were having a good time, staying healthy, and enjoying life, while some people who were very wealthy were not enjoying life and getting very sick.

What was the difference? Isn’t Retirement supposed to be all about money?

Kathe also noticed that on average, when a large lump sum of money that one of her clients had saved all their lives for (her clients were mostly employees of nonprofit organizations) was left to a beneficiary, that money on average was gone in 18 months.

She started to tell her clients rather than leave a bunch of money, to “build memories” with the beneficiaries. Money doesn’t last, but memories stay with you.


Over time, she reduced her financial planning practice so that she could start working with Medicare recipients. This opened a whole new world to her- meeting business owners that she did not even know existed, such as “adult day care” centers.  Although she hated that word, knowing that this type of industry existed helped her to assist others who had either physical problems or dementia. Not only are these type of centers less expensive than full time non medical aids, but she believes that they are better for the loved one since they provide activities and socialization that one would NOT receive with 1:1 care. There are other industries too, that help your loved ones, and she couldn’t help herself from sharing her knowledge about them when someone needed help.

Finally, after years of thinking about how the best way to help others was, she heard about Podcasting. That’s how this site was born. We hope that you get something out of it, whether it’s how to have a fantastic retirement, or how to help your parents or spouse who need it.

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