Do you have a loved one in Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Many times we are responsible for our loved ones, but we don’t know what we don’t know.  One of those things is Medicare and how it works.  When your loved one signed up for a plan, it might have worked.  But does it work now?

Is your loved one able to access the care that he or she needs?

On November 10th at 3 pm at the Gateway, we will be addressing what Medicare covers in this educational event and the pros and cons to each type of additional plan that you can get.

Join me for this free educational event as we discuss the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage, the pros, and cons of Medigap, and how to get a plan that covers the mobile doctors in these communities.

RSVP by doing either of the following:

  1. Call 858-231-6977 and RSVP at the front desk.
  2. Email

Here’s a link to the flyer:

Please share with someone you know that has a loved one they are caring for!

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