I’ve been asked several times how one can find a Medicare Approved dental surgeon in one’s state.  Normally people asking this question are looking for a surgeon who can perform Dental Implants.  In certain circumstances, Medicare may pay a portion of your dental implants.

The process to find a surgeon to help with your dental implants is simple.

  • Simply go to Medicare.gov
  • Scroll Down.
  • Find the “Find Care” button and click on it.

  • input your zip code
  • Select “doctors and clinicians” for provider type
  • input “oral surgery” (not “oral surgery-dental”)
  • Click “search”

If you cannot find a surgeon to help with your dental implants, you may have to widen your search or select a new zip code.

Here is a video I created to assist you in finding your oral surgeon.

Please note that we can no longer assist patients in making changes to Medigap plans in order to help you pay for your dental implants.  If you’ve been told that you need surgery, you likely will not qualify for a Medigap plan if you don’t already have one.


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