Medicare Physician Compare

If you’re new to Medicare or moving, you might have difficulty finding a physician nearby.

Luckily, we will help you answer the question, How do I find physicians near me who accept Medicare?

In other words, How do I find doctors near me who accept Medicare?

Most doctors accept original Medicare, but some don’t. Keep in mind that we are discussing ORIGINAL Medicare in this article, not Medicare Advantage Plans. A provider can elect to accept original Medicare, but not Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage Plans have networks, but original Medicare doesn’t.

You can always ask your doctor’s office if your doctor accepts Medicare Part B, but that doesn’t help you if you are new to the area or don’t currently have a doctor.

Quick Tips to Find Physicians Near You

Here’s a quick tip on how to find physicians in your area that accept Medicare:

Physician Compare

  • To find a physician that accepts Medicare, you should go to the Medicare website’s Physician Compare tool or use this link from my website Enter your zip code, or city and state, and then type in either the name of the doctor, the specialty type, or the name of the medical group. The search will result in a list of physicians in the area who accept Medicare.

Medicare Dermatology

  • In this example, we are looking for a dermatologist. You’d enter your city and state.  Then you’d enter dermatology  If that doesn’t come up you’d search dermatologist.
  • What is Medicare Assignment?  That means the physician, doctor, or other provider agrees to accept what Medicare pays for that service.  He or she won’t charge you more than the standard Medicare deductible or co-payment/coinsurance. The physician also can’t charge you for sending a claim to Medicare.
  • You can also select a particular gender and other filters. For example, you can search for either a solo practitioner or part of the group.
  • Note that if you leave information such as gender and name blank, you will receive more results, which you can later further narrow.

Medicare Physician Compare

  • For example, we’ve selected “board-certified”.
  • This will limit our search.
  • You’ll be able to see how close the provider is to your location.
  • Once you’ve chosen a physician that meets your needs, you’ll have access to a detailed profile of the physician.
  • The site can be very helpful because it provides you with driving directions and maps to the physician’s office.

Medicare Physician Compare Tool

  • Once you’ve chosen up to three providers, you can now compare them.
  • And then, if you want to look at the full profile of the individual doctors, you can see more information about the activities they participate in.
  • At some point, you will see star ratings on this website. Medicare will rate them on a five-star rating scale just as Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription drug plans are rated on the five-star system.

That’s how you find a doctor that accepts Medicare using the Physician Compare feature.

It’s important to keep in mind that doctors listed on Physician Compare accept original Medicare.

This system doesn’t tell you if the provider accepts Medicare Advantage, and if so, which plan.

It also doesn’t give you information on secondary insurance, such as Medicaid.

You can use this system to help you find a physician or other provider to care for your healthcare needs. With the right doctor and access to the best quality care, you can live a longer and more productive life.

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