Is it covered under Medicare?

Our office gets many questions regarding whether certain items are covered under Medicare.  We’ve created a searchable list to help you discover whether the item you want is covered.

Do you need a flu shot? Did you know that Medicare Part B covers one flu shot per person per flu season? And, the best part, you pay nothing! So yes, flu shots are covered under Medicare!

To see if it’s covered under Medicare, understand that coverage often depends on where you live but this list only includes tests, items, and services that are covered no matter where you live. If your test, item or service isn’t listed, talk to your doctor or other health care provider about why you need certain tests, items or services, and ask if Medicare will cover them.  To see if it’s covered under Medicare, click on the link.

The listing itself does not mean it’s covered under Medicare Parts A or B.

This is meant to be a quick reference, but be sure to click the link to get more detailed information about each option, including which part of Medicare covers it if it’s listed as being covered.

Covered under Medicare

Does Medicare Cover Glucose Test Strips?

Glucose test strips are considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and may be covered.  But keep in mind that it’s only covered if your doctors and suppliers are enrolled in Medicare. They have to meet strict standards to be part of the program. If they aren’t enrolled, Medicare won’t pay those claims.

Much to the chagrin of many of our clients, Medicare does not cover cosmetic surgery.  The exception is if it is needed because of accidental injury or to improve the function of a malformed body part.  Medicare does cover breast reconstruction if you had a mastectomy because of breast cancer.

  • Crutches can be covered under durable medical equipment. Doctors and Suppliers must be enrolled in Medicare. Be sure to read the rules.
  • Custodial care is not covered.
  • Defibrillator (implantable automatic) might be covered. Be sure to check the rules regarding eligibility and costs.
  • Dental services are not covered.
  • Depression screenings are covered once per year.
  • Medicare and Diabetes

    Medicare and Diabetes

    Diabetes items that you might want to know about are listed below.

    • Blood sugar (glucose) monitors are covered as durable medical equipment.
    • Blood sugar (glucose) test strips cover some diabetic test supplies, including blood sugar test strips as durable medical equipment.
    • Diabetes screenings are covered twice per year if certain eligibility requirements are met. Be sure to check the rules.
    • Diabetes self-management training may be covered. Be sure to check the rules.
    • Diabetes supplies & services may be covered. You may need to use specific suppliers for some types of supplies. Be sure to check the rules.
    • Foot care can be covered if it is medically necessary. Be sure to check the rules for more information.
    • Foot exams may be covered every 6 months if certain requirements are met. Check the rules.
    • Glucose control solutions might be covered.
    • Insulin is not covered unless the use of an insulin pump is medically necessary.
    • Therapeutic shoes or inserts may be covered. Medicare covers the furnishing and fitting of either one pair of custom-molded shoes and inserts or one pair of extra-depth shoes each calendar year. Medicare also covers 2 additional pairs of inserts each calendar year for custom-molded shoes and 3 pairs of inserts each calendar year for extra-depth shoes. Medicare will cover shoe modifications instead of inserts. Be sure to check the rules.


Medicare doesn’t generally cover eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, following cataract surgery, Medicare generally covers one pair of eyeglasses or one set of contact lenses.

  • Federally qualified health center services – Medicare covers a broad range of outpatient primary care and preventative services in federally qualified health centers.  You generally pay 20% of the charges. You pay nothing for most preventive services.
  • Flu shots are covered once per flu season.
  • Foot care may be covered. Be sure to check the restrictions.
  • Foot exam is covered once every 6 months as long as you haven’t seen a foot care professional for another reason in-between visits.
  • Glaucoma tests are covered once every 12 months for people who are at high risk for glaucoma.
  • Glucose control solutions may be covered.
Does Medicare cover Gym Memberships?

Does Medicare cover Gym Memberships?

What about gym memberships?

Does Medicare cover Home Health?

Does Medicare cover Home Health?

The good news is that Medicare may cover eligible home health services. Usually, a home health care agency coordinates the services your doctor orders for you.   But it doesn’t cover nonmedical services, so be sure to check to see if you are eligible.

Kidney items that you may want to know about are listed below.

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care if that’s the only care you need. Most nursing home care is custodial care.  That’s why we recommend that our clients purchase Long Term Care Insurance.

Does Medicare Pay for Massage?

Does Medicare Pay for Massage?

Shoot!  Medicare does not pay for Massage therapy.

Mental Health items you may want to know about are listed below:

Medicare covers patient lifts as durable medical equipment (DME) that your doctor prescribes for use in your home.  But your supplier must participate in Medicare in order for it to be covered, and they must accept an assignment to be participating suppliers. Be sure to ask your supplier if they are participating before purchasing a lift.

Many tests, items, and services are covered under Medicare, but not all. For example, as of this writing, Shingles shots are not covered under Medicare.

Are telephonic services covered by Medicare?

Are telephonic services covered by Medicare?

What about telephonic health services?

Does Medicare cover Vaccines?

Does Medicare cover Vaccines?

Vaccines that you might want to know about are listed below.

If you have any other questions about whether a service or item is covered under Medicare, let us know and we’ll update this list.

Be sure to follow the Medicare guidelines for receiving these services in order to ensure that Medicare will cover them since some are covered only once every few years and others are only covered if you meet specific criteria.

For more information, you can go HERE.

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