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At rest assured that your loved ones uncertainties about Medicare will be handled at ease.

A Medicare Supplement Plan ensures you are financially prepared for your medical needs so you can focus on things that you care about without hurting your family’s finances. If you do not plan for it, you will end up using your life’s savings or borrowing money.

You deserve the best in life. Whether for business or for leisure, for yourself or for your family. You deserve the best treatment and quality of service when it comes to Medicare. MedicareQuick provides you world-class Medicare coverage. We take care of your medical needs by providing you access to the very best plan options available.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance is different than the insurance you have carried personally or at work, so you will want to make sure you understand how your new plan works before signing on the dotted line.

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How to get a quote for Medicare Supplement Plans:

Click HERE to get a free quote for Medicare Supplement Plans.  I won’t sell your information or spam you if you complete my form.

Many companies that provide online quotes are taking your information and selling it to brokers like me.  If you fill out their form, most likely you will get lots of phone calls and emails from different sales people trying to sell you something.

Rather than put you through that, I want to work with you on a personal basis.  I provide lots of free information on my website, including my free video classes that you can access 24/7.  And when it’s time to give you a quote, I will provide it personally.  I won’t sell your information.

two types of medicare plans

There are two types of plans that deal with Medicare.  The first is Medicare Advantage.  This type of plan actually replaces Medicare Parts A and B. Many people incorrectly call “Medicare Advantage Plans” “Supplement Plans”.  Medicare Advantage Plans works very differently than Medicare Supplement Plans.

medicare advantage plans

Also called Part C or MA Plans are health insurance plans given by private companies approved by Medicare. These companies are paid by Medicare to cover your benefits. This plan will also provide you with all of your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.


medicare supplement plans

The thing about Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap Plans) is that you don’t replace or cancel original Medicare when you buy one. You have all your Medicare rights and protections, along with the insurance company that fills the gaps.

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Client reviews

Kathe, and her service, are fantastic! She has put together a website with educational videos that helped me make sense of the complicated world of medicare supplement insurance. That website was my central resource as I was educating myself. After soaking up all that useful information, Kathe prepared an insurance plan proposal that she felt would meet my father’s needs. We discussed the proposal over several phone meetings and each time Kathe had answers to all of my questions. Her knowledge and advice are outstanding and she can explain things in simple to understand language. Finally, as a real testament to putting her clients first, she passed up on her commission and instead encouraged me to select a health care plan for my father that was offered by his former employer. She felt that the employer-based plan would be in his best interest (FYI, her service is free of charge to the client, but she does receive a commission from the insurance company). That is the mark of a client-centered service; put your customers first. I would highly recommend Kathe’s service to anyone looking for medicare supplement insurance.

Marc R.

We received a high recommendation from a health care person to contact Kathe Kline for help concerning medical insurances & future resources for our loved ones recently placed in a retirement home. I can easily say, it was one of the best things we did! Kathe is a literal fountain of information, & all good! She recommended a good elder care attorney, & he ended up being a wonderful help to us. She has always been available for us with our questions that have come up from time to time. In the maze of confusion & uncertainty when trying to do your best for your family member needing care, it is, indeed, a long & hard battle trying to get good, clear information – especially when trying to muddle your way through insurances, Medicare, etc. etc. We cannot thank Kathe enough for her help; I know she will continue to be there if we need more.

Judy F.

I found Medicarequick via Yelp and Kathe merits all of her 5 star reviews. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough. If you are new to Medicare, she will start by teaching you the ABCs and give you a thorough education. At the same time, she is flexible. If you have some familiarity with Medicare and hvae specific questions or want to get straight into the business of choosing providers for a Supplemental Insurance Plan and a Prescription Drug plan, she’s the person you want to talk to. She’s an independent broker. She’s not going to steer you to a provider you won’t be happy with or try to sell you anything you don’t need or want. If she was your best friend, she couldn’t try any harder to help you find the best plans for you

Roy H.

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