Retired ExcitedKathe on the Retired Excited Show

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Henry Shapiro at Retired Excited.

Retired Excited is a podcast (online radio show)

It discusses the non-financial aspects of retirement.  Henry wanted to talk to me because I produce another Retirement Lifestyle show called Rock Your Retirement.

We discussed the benefits in the retirement community and the methodology that I use in my own podcast.

He asked me why I started my show, and my answer was that I want to help retirees to find happiness in their retirement.

For the mechanics, I’m very lucky because my husband is a technical guy, and he is the one who edits the show.  Les spends about three hours for every half-hour interview that I produce. I’m also lucky in that I have staff who schedule the podcast interviews for me and keep things going smoothly on the show so that I can continue to work with my clients on their Medicare Insurance needs!  I conduct the interviews and my team helps with everything else.

I asked Henry why he started his Retired Excited. He answered that he wanted to do something in his own retirement to help.

At first, Henry didn’t know how to podcast (none of us do int he beginning) but he jumped in and started the show.  Now the show is up and running and you can listen to it too!

If you don’t know how to listen to a podcast, and you’d like to learn how to go to

For more information about Henry Shapiro, just reach him at and listen to more exciting episodes. If you would like to contact me simply email

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