Kathe at MedicareQuick helped a friend of mine find the right supplemental Medicare policy to suit her needs. She was patient and informed. The trouble with most supplemental plans is that some of the best ones don’t pay great commissions, and Kathe guided my friend to a policy that is perfect for her. Kathe is in this business to help people before making a profit, and I highly recommend Medicare Quick based on my experience with Kathe.

Courtney L.



Kathe Kline has been awesome to work with.

I live in Austin, TX and my parents are in San Diego. Kathe has successfully helped me navigate the transfer of my aging mother off of (name redacted) and onto Medicare plus a Medicare/Medigap Supplement Plan F, using specific provisions that didn’t require cumbersome health underwriting for her to be approved.

Other insurance reps/ financial planners were not aware the specific rules Kathe tapped to help make this insurance transition possible AND easy. Kathe was aware of all the Medicare technicalities, and provided me with every answer I needed in a timely and efficient manner.

She gave me great financial advice and helped me navigate the entire process (I have worked in a medical office handling insurance for 5 years, and can confirm that Kathe knows what she is doing!)

If you are an adult child helping your aging parents navigate the insurance and financial world would, Kathe is the resource you need!

Anne S.

Just have to say how knowledgeable and helpful Kathy Kline services are for the switch over to Medicare. She covers all the bases to insure our referrals have the best transition and policy that suits them as individuals. Not an easy task but she accomplishes it with integrity and excellence.

Lorraine M.

I found Medicarequick via Yelp and Kathe merits all of her 5 star reviews. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough. If you are new to Medicare, she will start by teaching you the ABCs and give you a thorough education. At the same time, she is flexible. If you have some familiarity with Medicare and hvae specific questions or want to get straight into the business of choosing providers for a Supplemental Insurance Plan and a Prescription Drug plan, she’s the person you want to talk to. She’s an independent broker. She’s not going to steer you to a provider you won’t be happy with or try to sell you anything you don’t need or want. If she was your best friend, she couldn’t try any harder to help you find the best plans for you.

Roy H.

Thank you Kathe. we met at the drub store and you help my neighbor and I was lost without your help and knowledge. you really helped us out and she is go greatful as am I. will call again when I get closer to 65 but we will recommend you to friends and other neighbor.

Robert B.

Kathe was really organized and helpful. She explained the whole map of Medicare to me and it turns out, to not make a move at this time is the best choice.

She didn’t get paid for this hour long call and she’s in it for the right reasons…

Highly recommended!

Peter S.

Kathe helped me compare different Medicare Supplement providers with all the information I could use. She went above and beyond to help me out with an individual plan . Kathe researched every plan and gave me all information. I am so grateful for her and all the help provided. she is so knowledgeable and well experienced in every aspects of Medicare. I strongly recommend her to all my friends and family members who turn 65 and need Medicare Supplement.

Dave M.

I cannot say enough about Kathe’s service and dedication to her clients! She has so much knowledge and so readily shares it. She is thorough and so helpful with making sure you have exactly what is needed. It is a pleasure to work with her!

Jeanne H.

We received a high recommendation from a health care person to contact Kathe Kline for help concerning medical insurances & future resources for our loved ones recently placed in a retirement home. I can easily say, it was one of the best things we did! Kathe is a literal fountain of information, & all good! She recommended a good elder care attorney, & he ended up being a wonderful help to us. She has always been available for us with our questions that have come up from time to time. In the maze of confusion & uncertainty when trying to do your best for your family member needing care, it is, indeed, a long & hard battle trying to get good, clear information – especially when trying to muddle your way through insurances, Medicare, etc. etc. We cannot thank Kathe enough for her help; I know she will continue to be there if we need more.

Judy F.

Here is exactly who you want to help you choose the right plan! Kathe is passionate about helping her clients, she continually educates herself to know the different choices & the constant changes in Medicare to help guide her clients to make the right choices. She really is a wealth of knowledge & loves working with her clients.

Sharon F.

This year I was faced with changing my elderly mother’s insurance. She had the same insurance plan for 15 years and I was very intimidated trying to wade through the myriad selections of insurance plans and coordinating her Medicare benefits. It was keeping me awake at night. I dragged my feet as long as possible until a good friend referred me to Kathe Kline, recommending that I not even try to go it alone because it had become so complex.

From the time I contacted Kathe, my worries were over. She linked our computers together so I was seeing what she was talking about, she knew her facts inside and out, and I followed the few instructions that I needed to take care of on my end. The rest she handled for me and my Mom had her insurance needs met and on time by 1/1/2016.

Can’t thank Kathe enough for taking this burden off my shoulders. It is hard being the only caregiver without shouldering the nightmare of Medicare and today’s insurance providers.

Thanks again, Kathe, for guiding me through this process

Jillian H.

I have known Kathy for several years and she is a very professional business woman. I have sent her several clients with insurance needs. With the cost always increasing, Kathy helps understand your needs and navigate the complexity of the insurance world. If you need her services, she is down to earth, easy to talk to, a good listener, and very knowledgable in her field.

Marc L.

I have had the opportunity to work with Kathe, and I can tell you that she is always there for you! She has vast knowledge of her business and is very helpful.

I totally recommend Kathe for all of your Medicare questions and needs! MedicareQuick is definitely the place to go to make sense of it all!

L. "Scuba Sue" S.

Kathe Kline is the consummate professional!

As a retired investment/insurance professional I wanted someone who was up on the current changes in Medicare and maintained the same high standards I had. Kathe turned out to exceed my wildest expectations.

Integrity, efficiency, knowledge and understanding turned out to be just a few of the words that could be used to describe her. If you want a honest comparison of what is not only available to you but is best suited for your individual needs speak with Kathe.

Even if you decide, for whatever reason, not to go with Kathe you will know you received the very best counsel you could get. There are still insurance professionals I can respect and most certainly Kathe is at the highest level.

Steve G.

Kathe is extremely knowledgeable, patient and professional. If you are looking for someone who knows her stuff inside and out AND has your best interest at heart then Kathe is your go to person for all of your Medicare questions and needs.

Jaime C.

I’m very satisfied with the service Kathe provided to help me with health insurance changes. She offers a series of very thorough educational online videos covering many areas related to Medicare. She is very knowledgeable and even gave me some suggestions for social security filing changes which may bring in a bit of extra income. I felt Kathe was honest and I’m satisfied the insurance I selected is a good choice for my needs at a good price.

Candace M.

Kathe, and her service, are fantastic! She has put together a website with educational videos that helped me make sense of the complicated world of medicare supplement insurance. That website was my central resource as I was educating myself. After soaking up all that useful information, Kathe prepared an insurance plan proposal that she felt would meet my father’s needs. We discussed the proposal over several phone meetings and each time Kathe had answers to all of my questions. Her knowledge and advice are outstanding and she can explain things in simple to understand language. Finally, as a real testament to putting her clients first, she passed up on her commission and instead encouraged me to select a health care plan for my father that was offered by his former employer. She felt that the employer-based plan would be in his best interest (FYI, her service is free of charge to the client, but she does receive a commission from the insurance company). That is the mark of a client-centered service; put your customers first. I would highly recommend Kathe’s service to anyone looking for medicare supplement insurance.

Marc R.

I have been referring to Kathe for years. Kathe is exceptional in this space because she educates people throughout the decision making process. There are so many plans and options, but choosing the wrong one can impact or even limit access to services a person may need in the near future.

Kathe knows what questions to ask, and the individual plans inside out. So doesn’t drone on about Medicare if you don’t want to know, but can succinctly tell you what you need to know. ANY time one of my clients has a Medicare question, I call Kathe!

Jonna O.

Kathe Kline
with her broad knowledge of the world of medicare plans
and their specific details,
considered our circumstances,
found the optimal plan for us,
and was a great pleasure to work with.

If you want to do yourself a favor,
and escape from endless research and confusion
call her !

Bright F.

I referred Kathe to some clients who were concerned about their Medicare insurance. She reviewed their policy, confirmed they were indeed getting a good deal, and answered their questions, all at no charge. I loved how it gave them some peace of mind, with no pushy sales.

Christine B.

Kathe was able to help my mom change her insurance plans.  She saved my mom over $150 a month and that extra money is greatly appreciated!  I’m giving her 4 stars instead of 5 because she had to do everything over the phone since she was in California at the time and my mom lives in Washington, but nonetheless she handled it like a pro! I guess I shouldn’t complain though because I live in Florida. We’ll call her again during the next open enrollment. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

Rick A.

Kathe is truly a professional. She helped me wade through the Medicare mumbo jumbo and find a complementary insurance plan to make sure that I have the best coverage possible in my budget.
Easy peasy. I don’t recommend trying to do this on your own, a single mistake can be very costly

Pamela C.

It was so easy to figure out this new journey. Having Kathe and Angie with so much knowledge made this possible train wreck a breeze.

Thank you helping myself and previously, my Mom.

Yolanda M.

Kathe is, in a word, FANTASTIC! Even in the midst of coming to grips with the fact that I was turning 65 (aargh, still hard to believe!), Kathe was a wonderful navigator through the complex, turbulent waters of Medicare, which I SO appreciate! I would highly recommend Kathe to anyone who needs help getting on Medicare.

L L.

I appreciated the knowledge of Kathe and her staff. They sure made a confusing task of signing up for Medicare much easier for us. I’ll be calling on them again. Thank you!

Michele K.

Great SERVICE in a timely manner!?

Mark B.

Great service by Kathy!
She offered options, made the process easy but also did not do everything for me so allowed me to stay in control of the process.
Thank you Kathy!


For months I’ve been bombarded with mail and phone calls because I’m turning 65. The more I read the more confused I got. Kathe and Angie came highly recommended. They walked me through it and in no time everything was set up and the nightmare was over. All I had to do was sign electronically. It could not have been simpler. I had to apply for Medicare on my own but Kathe even told me what I needed to know to do that and it was a piece of cake. So happy I chose them!

Richard V.

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