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Is the Concept of Retirement Dead?

Why is it so Difficult to Break Through Retirement? The concept of retirement cannot be achieved in today’s world without having the appropriate planning and funds in motion well before you reach retirement age. One of the problems is we’re stuck in a rut. It works…

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Baby Boomers Might Never Retire – Ep 185

by | July 29. 2019

65 is Not the Right Time to RETIRE The reality nowadays is that Baby Boomers have turned its back on the belief that 65 is the right time to retire. As a matter of fact, most of them want to work well into their 70s or their 80s or even yet, they might never retire….

How Retirement was Brought Up – Ep 184

by | July 22. 2019

Social Security Then and Now When they brought up Social Security, life expectancy for men was 58 and it was 62 for women. What they did is they made the Social Security retirement age at 65. If social security now was similar in concept to social security then, you…

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